5 Inorganic Contaminants to Keep Out of Your Water Supply

The odds are, you probably never think about what’s in your drinking water. Whether your water works from pipes running from a city establishment or you regularly use a well to get your supply, the truth is that contaminants can make themselves at home in your water supply rather easily if you don’t take the proper safety precautions. Installing a biological water system filtration mechanism on your property can certainly help to deal with the issue, but first, you need to know exactly what to keep an eye out for. Some of the most common inorganic contaminants to look out for include:


Known as one of the most deadly poisons out there, you might have more arsenic in your water system than you might think. These poisons or their components are disposed of by factories and other establishments to make their way into the earth. From there, they enter your drinking water. Typically, you won’t experience this chemical at deadly levels, but having a biological water filtration system helps you to make sure.


While ammonia is used as a common household cleaning product, it’s not something you’d want to drink under any circumstances. The presence of ammonia in water can be the result of many, many different naturally-occurring processes, meaning it’s more common than you might think. Having a biological water system filtration device helps to protect you and your family.


As you might know, there’s always going to be a bit of fluoride in your water supply. In fact, many water treatment plants add this naturally-occurring chemical to water while it’s being cleaned because it can actually help promote dental health. However, this is only done in small amounts, and large amounts of this chemical can cause some serious health issues for the average human being. Treating your water with a biological water filtration system helps to return these levels to normal.


Another indirect threat of ammonia and other nitrogen-based substances is the formation of nitrates in the water. These are by-products of manure and other feces-related sources, and may come alongside harmful bacteria if it happens to enter your drinking water. Therefore, filtering is extremely important.

Iron and Manganese

These two metallic components are something which your body needs to survive. However, much like fluoride, your body can only use them in small amounts. Too much of either of these metallic elements in your body can cause some real health issues. Removing them entirely with the use of biological water system filtration is the best way to ensure you’re not getting too much of these metals in your daily diet.

Like practically every other living creature, you need water to survive. However, if your water isn’t properly cleaned, you could find yourself facing a whole host of health complications in the coming years. This is why having a biological water filtration system on your side is so important. Protect yourself from these inorganic contaminants as well as bacteria and more for a healthier, safer drinking experience for you, your friends and your family members.

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