7 creative ideas on how to add avocados to your diet

Apart from being one of the fruits with a rich fat content, avocados are also one of the foods with a rich nutrient profile that can help you to eithershed unhealthy weight or gain healthy weight. Moreover, eating avocado can also help you fight many age-related medical issues like heart diseases, high blood pressure, eye problems, arthritis, and diabetes.

In other words, avocado is a type of food that regardless of how you eat it, can help you live a very long healthy life that is free from diseases.

Well, the good thing with avocados is that they go well with many kinds of foods, therefore, adding them into your diet becomes pretty easy. And because its health benefits are quite valuable, here are some ideas to fix avocado into your diet plan.

  1. Salads

Salads don’t have to be complicated neither do they have to be boring. You can just add avocado to your favorite vegetable salad or fruit salad and lick your way to good health. All you have to do is to find some well-ripen avocado, peel it, slice or dice it into small pieces and mix it with the other salad ingredients.

An advantage with avocado is that it can also serve as a salad dressing where you massage it into other ingredients using your hands, and it will spread evenly throughout the salad. What’s more is that sea salt can also be added to enhance the flavor of the salad.

  1. Smoothies

A smoothie made with avocado often soundsgross to many people but only before they try it and before they realize the myriad of delicious avocado smoothie recipes they can explore.

Well, this particular fruit adds a rich flavor to smoothies and gives them a verycreamy nature. To make the smoothie, simply blend your ingredients like blueberries, bananas or pineapples together with avocado and drink your way to good health.

  1. Dips

Are you a fan of dips? If you are, then its good news to know how avocado can make a good dip for corn chips or vegetables such a carrots, celery and broccoli. You can also make the famous and delicious guacamole dip whichwill require you to mash some avocados and add finely chopped tomatoes, onions, cilantro, pepper along with some freshly squeezed lemon juice and unrefined sea salt.

  1. Spreads

If margarine isn’t doing the magic anymore, then avocado will. Try a spread of avocado for your wraps and sandwiches and see if you will not love it. You can also add salt or lemon to the spread for additional flavor.

  1. Soups

If you are a fan of soups particularly raw soups, then avocado is an excellentingredient, especially when added with tomatoes, cucumber, celery and other vegetables and herbs like parsley.

  1. Baby Foods

Weaning can be tough in its first phases, but once your baby gets used to it, avocado can do a whole lot of good when mashed and spoon fed to your baby.

  1. Straight From Shell

Another way to enjoy avocado is to eat it fresh from the shell. If you like, you can sprinkle some sea salt while you are at it to boost the taste

It is evident that avocados are high in healthy fats and other nutrients that can help to reduce food cravings and prevent many diseases.Therefore, if you want more information on how to live healthily or lose weight then visit  http://ilsmoothies.com/. There you will find delicious avocado recipes along with other healthy smoothie diet tips.

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