Basal Carcinoma and How to Avoid it

Basal carcinoma in Orange County has become more common as more people spend time outdoors and doctors have become more adept at recognizing it in patients. Basal cell carcinoma in Orange County is actually the most common type of skin cancer that there is. It is especially common in areas like Orange County because of the prevalence of sunlight and outdoor activities. Basal carcinoma occurs when the basal cells of your skin begin growing wildly and out of control, creating painful and ugly lumps that can crust or bleed. This cancer is very painful, can cause disfigurement, and in rare occasions, cause death, so just like other forms of cancer, it should be prevented and treated.

How to Avoid It

Basal cell carcinoma in Orange County isn’t too hard to prevent if you know what you are doing. There are a lot of really simple ways to avoid it that everyone can and should be following. Most people know these simple tips and solutions, but don’t follow them because they think that they won’t get skin cancer or because they forget. The ease of preventing this form of cancer shouldn’t mean that taken lightly. People get basal carcinoma in Orange County from the UV rays of the sun, so most of these tips are about protection from the sun.

Stay in the Shade

The first step is to seek out the shade often. If you are out and about on a sunny day, make sure to hang out in the shade rather than the direct sunlight. This will cover you from the dangerous UV rays.

Cover Up

Wear clothing that covers your body, such as light skirts, sleeves, and large brimmed hats that give you shade. Sunglasses are also a good idea to keep the UV rays from your eyes.

Use Sunscreen

Another good option if you aren’t in a situation that lends well to clothing is sunscreen. Almost all sunscreens will be approved to help prevent skin cancer, and putting just a little bit on regularly throughout the day can help keep you from getting a painful cancer.

Choose Not to Tan

Another really good way to avoid getting this skin cancer is to avoid tanning. A lot of people cringe at this, but the very process of tanning is letting the UV rays hit and be absorbed in your skin which is the same thing that causes the cancer. Especially don’t visit UV tanning salons. These salons use only the dangerous UV rays, leaving out all of the beneficial and inert properties of sunlight. Even more important is that you should never let yourself get a sunburn. This is for the same reasons that you should avoid tanning. A sun burn is another result of the same process that results in a tan, but is much worse as you have absorbed so much light that your skin has been visibly damaged and burned. All of these steps are much more important for newborn, young, and very old people.

Don’t Get Cancer

 A lot of people like to spend a lot of time outside and feel like these simple steps make their day less enjoyable. But the truth is that these steps are easy and will help ensure peace of mind and keep you healthier.

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