The Benefits of Sea Buckthorn

Your health is one of the most important considerations for you to have, because if you are not healthy then you are not able to do a lot of other things. For this reason, a healthy diet and exercise plan is essential to thriving. There are a lot of natural products out there that can help with your health, such as seabuckthorn. This resilient sea berry is packed with nutrients including omega 7 that help it survive in the elements of the Himalayas. There are a lot of interesting things to know about sea buckthorn and how it can benefit your health.

Healthy Properties

This berry has over 190 bioactive compounds, and is a great source of many Omega acids, including Omega-7, which is vital to collagen products and healthy skin, hair and nails. This fruit has been utilized for over 1000 years, and modern science can back up its positive properties. It is now used in a lot of beauty products that are natural and healthy for your skin.

Traditional Uses

Sea Buckthorn is mentioned in nearly a third of the pages of a Tibetan healing book called Sibuyi Dian, which dates back to 13 centuries ago. However, it has since been used all over the world for healing and for beauty. Genghis Khan gave his army and horses this fruit for stamina and to recover from combat, and it was able to make the horses’ coats shiny. Traditional uses include sustaining energy, improving cellular health, joint and cardiovascular support, skin moisturizing, a decrease in wrinkles and more.

Weight and Intestinal Health

This berry is also great for weight management. Omega 7 supplement  fatty acids signal the body to stop storing fat, helping you not only lose weight but also keep it off longer. It can also help the body maintain insulin sensitivity, fighting off metabolic imbalances and converting glucose into energy instead of fat. In addition, Omega 7 can help with gastro-intestinal health, soothing the internal linings that are important for a number of purposes in the body.

Your health is very important, and there are many systems that go together to create overall body health. It is important to make sure that you are taking proper care of all of these systems, and sea buckthorn is a great way to take care of many different parts of your health. Whether you want to lose weight, want healthier looking skin or want to decrease the likelihood of wrinkles, this food may be just what you need. Be sure to find a source and buy some today.

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