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Best Home Remedies using Fenugreek for Natural Weight Loss

There are a lot of health benefits of using fenugreek leaves and seeds because they contain useful organic compounds, vitamins, proteins, amino acids etc. They are used in various recipes, in medicines as well as cosmetic products.

It is an Indian spice and popularly known as methi.  It is used as a nutritional supplement to help reduce your weight and glucose/sugar level. If you want to reduce your weight naturally, then fenugreek extract is the best home remedy because it gives effective results and reduces the side effects, when taken in correct dosage.

If you want to sustain or lose your weight, you need to change your lifestyle, diet and do some exercises. Including fenugreek in your diet makes you feel heavy, and hence you consume less food. The use of fenugreek gives strong flavor to your food, but it is bitter to taste.


  • Fenugreek protects the mucus membrane from cancer causing toxins.
  • It is rich in fiber and controls digestive problems.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties and protects you from mouth ulcers, kidney ligaments etc.
  • Recent studies have showed that people, who consume fenugreek of nearly 2 ounces, will decrease their cholesterol levels and heart attack problems.
  • Fenugreek heals the wounds, infection and scratches on your body. It is treated as a helpful remedy for skin problems like boils, burns, gout and eczema.
  • It contains adhesive substance mucilage, so it combats against digestive inflammation and treats problems likeindigestion, stomach ulcers, and diarrhea.

Benefits of fenugreek for weight reduction

 Fenugreek seed extract contains galactomannan, polysaccharide content so, it helps to reduce your weight. This content is also used to make food supplements. Besides, it has 75 percent of fiber that helps you feel fulln. Thus, you will eat less food than your regular meals.

If you chew a small amount of soaked fenugreek seeds daily morning before breakfast, it helps to reduce few kilos in your body weight and suppresses your appetite.

Fenugreek seeds help to prevent gaining additional weight because it possesses low carbohydrate content.

It contains low calories, so you can easily cut down your calorie intake level. Fenugreek seeds not only keep you remain healthy, but also helps to lose your weight naturally.

Home remedies for weight loss

  •  You can soak one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds or its powder in yogurt for some time and consume it after your dinner. This helps in proper digestion as well as weight reduction.
  • Roast dry seeds on a pan until they turn brown in color. Let them cool for few minutes. Grind these roasted seeds to a fine powder. You can consume this powder daily by sprinkling in salads, curries, and in other recipes.
  • Fenugreek is also available in capsule form, so if you cannot eat dry seeds, you can take the capsules three times daily.
  • You can drink it, by mixing a teaspoon of powder in juice or water. For best results, consume it thrice a day.
  • You can also drink fenugreek tea for weight loss.

Fenugreek helps to maintain good health. However, consult your physician before consuming any supplement.

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