Best treatments for period pain

Period pain can leave you in terrible agony every month and stop you doing the things you love. Instead you find yourself curled up in a ball trying to get rid of the pain and wishing for it to be over.

There is a better way. There are a number of treatments that can reduce or even eliminate period pain, and give you your life back. You can buy mefenamic acid online, try eating differently and exercising.

Gentle exercise

Yoga, swimming, walking or cycling are great gentle exercise that you can do to help reduce the cramping and pain.  Exercise helps in a few ways:  by helping reduce the stress hormones that can build up when you’re in pain, and itincreases blood circulation which helps to naturally reduce pain.

You don’t often feel like exercising in the midst of period paid, however exercise also releases endorphins which make you feel great. Try gentle yoga and stretching, or a gentle walk and up the pace as you start to feel better.

Take a warm bath or apply heat

If you’re suffering with cramps, one way of reducing the pain is to take a warm bath, or use a hot water bottle. Applying heat directly helps reduce the cramping and inflammation of the area which causes the pain.

Studies show that using heat for cramping can reduce the pain quicker and make it less intense.

Change your diet

Eating a low fat diet is known to reduce inflammation in the body. Cutting out meat and increasing your vegetable portions not only helps you feel healthier every day but it’s likely to reduce the amount of period pain you’ll get each month.

Choose healthier fats like avocado and olive oil, and reduce your intake of saturated fats like those you get in cakes, chocolate and meat.

Try taking vitamin B1 and fish oil too. Research undertaken with students highlights when taking these supplements, they experienced less pain, for a shorter length of time.

Buy mefenamic acid online

Mefenamic acid works differently to other pain relief in that it gets to the source of the pain directly – straight to where the cramping is coming from.

Taken three times a day it can help reduce heavy periods as well as relieve pain. This eliminates the needs for other medication and helps you live a full life, whatever time of the month it is.


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