Best Way to Visit Eiffel Tower 2019

There are many who may often tell you not to waste your time and skip the visit to Eiffel Tower, when you visit Paris, as there are far better things to do to spend your time. However, everywhere 7 million people spend $20 as entry fee to ascend this 324-meters tower. You can organize your visit in number of ways to make most out of the iconic Eiffel tower.

  1. Buy tickets online

You can purchase online tickets for Eiffel Tower up to 2 months in advance. While doing this, you commit to any specific time and date and hence in case the weather on that day is not pleasant, you cannot change your plans. However, you will get access to shorter line for visitor with ticket. However, if you are late by more than half an hour then you will not get entry.

  1. Consider buying multi-site tickets

The tourism office of Paris has also devised ways to help all tourists to plan their trip with minimum expense. At €40 for a day to €155 for 5 days which includes a 1-hour cruise trip on Seine river and a 1-day bus tour all around the city. By paying an additional €15, it is possible to add fast-track tickets for the Eifel Tower’s 2nd floor.

  1. Go up with any tour operator

Private tour operators can also be a good way to make holiday plans as a few of them also offer queue-jumping tickets to visit Eiffel Tower. ‘Skip-the-Line’ tour by few Tours can allow you to take in all 3 levels without any waiting at the base. Another guided tour can get you straight in the front or the queue with a local expert.

  1. Visit during off-peak seasons or time

Try to reach Eiffel Tower much earlier or avoid the busiest tourist season. The season starts from mid-July to late-August and weekdays during winter season are quietest day.

  1. Make your restaurant reservation

If you make a reservation at any of the 2 restaurants of Eiffel Tower’s then you are allowed to skip the queue as it has a separate entry. You can either prefer to go on the 1st-floor where you will pay €42.50; or for 2nd-level where you may enjoy a 3-course lunch for €105 or a 5- or 6-course dinner for €190 or €230.

  1. Take the stairs

In spite of having your advance tickets too waiting in line is inevitable for elevator. If you opt for €7 stair ticket, you will never wait for longer than few minutes. With 704 steps you can reach the 2nd floor, from where you can always take elevator to reach the top.

  1. Check the weather

If you haven’t purchased online ticket then check weather forecast. Don’t worry about fog as sun will burn the moisture of the fog and you can easily buy a ticket for the top or the 2nd floor.

  1. Expect lines to go down

You can save lots of time by skipping the line but for elevator you have to wait on the way going down. The longest wait usually is on top floor. However, from 1st or 2nd you can take stair to go down without losing any time. So, spend all time up there and enjoy.

  1. For photo-ops pick metro stops

The 2 best stations from where you can take selfie are Bir-Hakeim and Trocadéro. Trocadéro are very popular location after 9AM particularly during summer months. Bir-Hakeim is famous location for number of French movies which also offers nice views over river Seine.

To know more about the iconic monument and book your tour tickets, you can visit the website: http://www.tripindicator.com/eiffel-tower-tickets-tours-floors-details.html.

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