Brain Disorders Detected By Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Test

MRI scans for the brain can be used as an important diagnostic tool in identifying different brain conditions of a person. A minor headache might not seem much big of a deal to you, but it might turn out to be something big later. Hence, it is necessary that an MRI scan is conducted to identify the problem.

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There are numerous conditions, which are detected by an MRI scan. Some of these are:


A stroke takes place when there is a blockage or bleeding of a blood vessel in the brain. It is characterized by severe headaches, confusion, weakness, imbalance and dizziness. MRI scans help in getting high resolution pictures of the brain and hence it is used in analyzing and identifying the weak spots of the arteries which might cause some trouble in future and lead to a stroke.

Tumors and cysts

These scans are also utilized for detecting cysts and diagnosing brain tumor in the cells. Doctors make use of a special dye which they insert in the head before the scan. This dye helps in getting a clear and a high-quality picture of the patient during the scan. This image there forth helps in finding the cysts and tumors which one the other hand would have been impossible to find.

Structural changes in brain

MRI scans are also used in diagnosing certain abnormalities and changes in the brain like development deformities, birth defects, cerebral palsy, etc. All these minute changes in the brain can be detected with the help of an MRI scan.

MRI scans help in finding out these minute and structural changes which might be some internal bleeding or tiny defects in the brain. It is also helpful in analyzing the recovery rate of a patient as it is more sensitive than CT scans. It helps in getting a much clearer image and track the changes as a person recovers.

Brian infection

MRI scan is also instrumental in diagnosing the brain infections called vasculitis which is a result of the inflammation of the vessels in the brain. It also helps in finding stored pus in brain and detects any changes which a person might experience in his normal lifestyle. It also caters to the hormonal changes in the brain and dragonises them in the scan.


Hence, MRI scans play a vital role in tracking the activity of the brain. It operates and strikes out an abnormality in the brain or any dysfunction of any organ which might take place in the brain. These scans are, therefore, useful in identifying these problems and save the life of an individual if the treatment is done in time and taken care of.

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