What Breast Cancer Detection Center in Los Angeles Has to Say About Risk Factors?

Calculating the risk factors is essential, and when it is the breast cancer you’re dealing with, make sure each and every risk you take quantitatively calculated. Obviously, these risk factors enhance the chances of getting the disease, but having them doesn’t define you are going to have the disease for sure. Those who have had the experience of dealing with the patients at breast cancer detection centers in Los Angeles believe that most of the risk factors in having breast cancer is related to personal behaviors, and some of them might be as unique as consumption of medicines that contain certain hormones.

Let’s hear from some of these experts about the certain threats in lifestyle which might end up causing breast cancer.

Overconsumption of Alcohol

Drinking alcohol, like many other diseases has been considered to be one of the culprits for breast cancer. The risk of having breast cancer for women only gets alleviated with the consumption of alcohol. When compared to the non-drinkers, the chances of being affected with cancer increased by almost 45 percent for the drinkers. As a standard parameter, the American Cancer Society has restricted to one drink per day for the women to prevent having breast cancer.

Obesity- the Second Step in the Ladder of Having Cancer

It has been seen, that women have the tendency to increase weight right after menopause. And more pounds you put on, the closer you get towards having breast cancer. There is some logical explanation of this entire scenario. Before menopause, it is the ovaries that take up a major portion of the estrogen, and the fat tissues just make a small amount of it. After menopause hits, the ovaries stop procreating estrogen, and hence the only source of estrogen turns out to be the fat tissues. So more the amount of estrogen in a woman’s body after menopause means, higher a number of fat tissues in their body. As a result of it, the chances of being affected by the breast cancer increases as well.

However, further research works have been carried out, and with successive research works, the relation between obesity in women and breast cancer has only got complicated. For women who have gained weight after hitting the adulthood are more prone to be affected with breast cancer than those who are overweight since childhood. Apart from this, accumulation of fat in the waist area increases the chance of having breast cancer than the accumulation of fat in thighs and hips. Staying healthy for a balanced life is nothing new in itself, but as far as breast cancer is concerned, American Cancer Society has got the essential guidelines teamed up to prevent under all circumstances.

Minor decisions in life have always had a large impact in life, and breast cancer can be completely disastrous in dismantling the orientation of life. So make sure your preventive steps are solid enough to shield you from this disaster.

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