Where to buy Phenylpiracetam,77472-70-9

Phenylpiracetam was developed in 1983 and has showed amazing promise as it is a more strong analogue to the famous piracetam. There are 2 primary advantages of Phenylpiracetam. The first are those advantages of piracetam like improve learning and memory in short-term tests. Experiments also present that phenylpiracetam can help to save against neurological degradation, which is helpful for those with trauma or neuronal loss.

In different areas of the globe, Phenylpiracetam,77472-70-9  is used to treat big memory related disorders, dementia, Parkinsons, and Alzheimers.

The other primary advantage of this drug is that it also improves stamina and endurance physically speaking and thus a banned substance by the globe anti doping agency. This translates into mental motivation as well. People who use phenylpiracetam feel as though they are more targeted on their projects at hand.


While dosage will change depending on the size of an individual, most persons take 200 – 600 miligrams per day ingested between 1-3 doses. Because of the stimulant-like features of phenylpiracetam, it is advised to reject in the evenings.

Also, bear in mind that some people find phenylpiracetam to have a tolerance. If you use the medicine too often, you will develop a tolerance and have much less of a cognitive benefit when using the drug. Try not to take the drug every day.

Where to buy Phenylpiracetam

Unlike pramiracetam, the phenylpiracetam powder is not awful tasting, but it is not fully enjoyable. Phenylpiracetam capsules will be an amazing experience than the powder if you are looking to purchase phenylpiracetam online.

Phenylpiracetam is a fresh nootropic thathas just recently gained status due to anecdotal reports on internet communities like Longecity and Reddit. Because of its new and unregulated by the FDA, it is a best idea to purchase phenylpiracetam with care and caution.

There are no Phenylpiracetam,77472-70-9  Amazon products because the internet shopping platform has banned some of the grey area items. As perfect as it would be to buy phenylpiracetam Amazon products for the convenience and safety, it does not look like there will be a product of that type anytime soon.

This smart drug is very stimulatory and potent, which means one false buy could land you in an uncomfortable place. The majority of phenylpiracetam suppliers are highly regarded, but it is top to find the most reputable with community believe and testing (such as heavy and assay metals.

Side effects

Any nootropic, mainly one that is stimulating, has the potential for bad effects. The phenylpiracetam on research on sleep and psychostimulation prove one of the big issues can be insomnia. People who take psychostimulation too late in the afternoon or evening might be unable to get standard sleep due these effects.

Further, standard racetam bad effects also apply to users of phenylpiracetam. Some people fight with a headache due to a deficiency of acetylcholine. Other people have phenylpiracetam bad effects such as jitteriness or overstimulation, irritability or nausea.

When a user experiences phenylpiracetam bad effects similar to irritability or overstimulation, it may be a sign to decrease the phenylpiracetam dosage rather than quit outright.

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