What Can You Expect During an Assessment for Substance Abuse Disorder?

Are you nervous about getting an assessment for substance abuse disorder? After all, you need to share lots of your private information with a stranger. It is absolutely normal to be little nervous and may even be embarrassed too, about the process that you will be going through.

As a matter of fact, during substance abuse assessments you may have to face many uncomfortable questions. Therefore, if you know that beforehand then perhaps you will be little relieved from your anxiety. It is important for you to know that they are not going to judge you for what you have done. Here, no one will ask you to apologize or offer explanation for your past.

This is just a medical diagnosis like any other medical problem. Its various symptoms are reasons for you to make such poor choices. However, you will be at fault if you fail now to take this opportunity of getting proper treatment options. Now all doors are opening to you for various treatment options for all those disorders caused by substance abuse.

Here people are trying to Help You

Right course would be to just walk into any local clinic and get yourself assessed for substance abuse disorder whenever you desire. There could be a difference between obtaining help at the right time when you may be brave enough to start your treatment versus your continued addiction as you just cannot get any help when you are fully ready for it.

So, you need not be afraid to enquire from the receptionist about this process or simply tell the receptionist that you are here for assessment for substance abuse disorder. Most of the receptionists are not qualified to ask you which drugs you have consumed and hence that person will never ask you anything.

Can your medical insurance help?

During your assessment someone may discuss about payment with you. Few programs may bill your insurance while some may not. However, in most of the states, medical insurance covers partial cost of any drug program treatment. It may however be different for different states.

Requirements for the Assessment

Following are the various requirements for assessment of drug abuse:

  1. Only any trained and knowledgeable person having license will assess you.
  2. The assessment process is so designed that it will elicit all information from you and also from your friends and family only if you approve.
  3. They will try to identify your expectations from the treatment.
  4. They need to know all about your past for making proper assessment and hence may ask you many questions.
  5. They will also enquire about the trauma that you have experienced.
  6. They will also try to know if you can make any decision on your own.

After the final assessment process, they will either admit you for the treatment program in case you desire or may refer you to some other level of care. They cannot just leave without providing any clear idea about what is expected next. As per the program rules, you can be detoxed from alcohol or drugs or make you stabilized mentally.

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