Cancer Treatments

Cancer is an unfortunate reality for many people who suffer from it. Partially because of the larger and larger numbers of people with identified cancer, many new types of treatments have been found and tested, trying to find a good treatment that is effective and unobtrusive. Many people only have small cancer spots, and with early detection can have it removed before it can threaten their health. This is especially common among people with skin cancer on face in orange county, which can usually be caught quickly and before any issues arise. Here are some of the treatment options that might be available to new patients who suffer from basal cell carcinoma in orange county.


This is the most traditional type of treatment, and is where the entire growth as well as a section of the surrounding skin is cut directly, and closed with stitches. The extra skin is cut out as an attempt to catch any outlying cancer cells, and is a safety net so to speak. The growth is then sent to a lab to examine it and the surrounding healthy skin to make sure the cancer was not spreading past the growth or immediate area.  This is pretty visible, so from a cosmetic standpoint may not be the preferred of people with skin cancer on face in orange county, but has a high cure rate.

Mohs Micrographic

This treatment is similar to the first, but is more slow and careful. They remove tiny layers from the skin one at a time, and examine them for cancer cells. Once a layer is clear, the can stop and let the wound heal. This method has become very common and popular because it is very useful for hard to treat areas like around the eyes or lips and cosmetically looks much better afterwards, making it a common choice among victims of basal cell carcinoma in orange county.

Electro and Cryo

In these treatments, the growth can be frozen and killed with liquid nitrogen applied to the affected areas. This is chosen if there are bleeding issues and because it doesn’t require anesthetic. The other is similar to excisional except that the cuts are immediately cauterized and burned in the surrounding skin to prevent bleeding and hopefully kill and remaining cancer cells.

Radiation and Topical

Radiation treatment is similar to chemotherapy of other types of cancers. A beam of radiation is directed at the growth to kill the cancer cells. This has long term cosmetic and health issues, and isn’t generally recommended for patients with skin cancer on face in orange county. Topical medications can sometimes be applied to affected areas, especially in conjunction with excisional or Mohs surgery, and can help achieve the best cosmetic results.


Everyone should see a doctor and get their advice when deciding how to treat their skin cancer on face in orange county, but knowing how many different types of treatments are available is encouraging and inspiring, and asking doctor about the cosmetic options of treating cancer should always be acceptable. IF you have skin cancer, don’t be afraid to get it treated so you can enjoy you life.

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