Career Information About Child Psychiatry Jobs – Learn The Educational Requirements

Child psychiatry is a field in the medical science just like normal psychiatry. Unlike normal psychiatry job, child psychiatry focuses mainly on learning and understanding the mentality of a child and finding the right way of counseling them towards the right path.

Child psychiatry is a general branch in the medical field and requires special educational qualification to earn the job. Child psychiatrists can not only work in the mental health institutions that focus on child welfare, but also invest their knowledge in some other fields such as child and family social welfare works, nursery and kindergarten classes, and so on.

If you are interested in becoming an expert in children’s mental health and are looking for right child psychiatry jobs, then here are some things that you should know about the field.

Educational Qualification

The main educational qualification requirement for becoming a successful child psychiatrist is Doctorate in Medicine or also known as MD. Then you should complete the training that is exclusively meant for candidates interested in earning the fellowship for child psychiatry. If you wish to become a psychologist in an educational institution, then you should first earn a degree in doctorate then special degree in child psychology.

However, if your area of interest is becoming a women and child social welfare provider then you should strictly complete the master’s degree.

The growth rate in the field of a child psychiatrist is estimated to be around 14%, as surveyed by experts from the year 2014 to 2024. This is not the case with school psychologist job as the projected job growth for the year 2024 is around 20%. People interested in becoming a social worker for women and child welfare can expect the job growth of about 6%.

Work of Child Psychiatrist

The actual work of the child psychiatrist is to help patients who are suffering from emotional and even behavioral disorders. This is done by either conducting a one-to-one counseling or by subjecting the patients for group counseling. Sometimes, the child psychiatrists will even go with the idea of prescribing some medications for the children, who are suffering from chemical imbalance in their brain cells.

Some of the child psychiatrists decide the treatment for the adolescents and toddlers based on their actual condition. Sometimes the treatment might be the same for all of their patients and sometimes the treatments might vary from one person to another. However, they first decide the actual way of addressing the problem of their patients and then go with the group of individual treatment programs.

Most of the commonly diagnosed issues with children these days include attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder or also known as ADHD, eating disorders, Tourette’s syndrome, generalized anxiety disorder and so on. Sometimes, the psychiatrists even include the parents of their children patients in the treatments such as group counseling, so as to understand the actual cause of the problem in their patient.

Child psychiatrist in medical field, a social worker working for women and child welfare or a school psychiatrist, no matter what you choose, always first understand the requirements for the job and proceed to fulfill them.

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