Choosing the Best Hair Thickening Shampoo

Thinning hair is a fact of life for many despite their best efforts to preserve a full head of hair. There are many factors that can result in hair thinning including genetics, advancing age, or nutritional deficiencies. Fortunately, there are many modern remedies that can help those suffering from thinning hair to regain their hair and keep it thicker for longer.

One method of preserving a full head of hair involves the use of hair thickening shampoos. While some thickening shampoos may do little to improve hair growth, others can provide users with significant results that speak for themselves. Read on to learn how to select the best hair thickening shampoo for your needs.

Do Your Research

As is the case in many purchases, you’ll want to do some research before taking the leap on a purchase. After all, some effective hair thickening shampoos can be pricey. Use the power of the internet to search for products, then spend some time looking over the ingredients and reading verified reviews from customers.

Ingredients are Critical

A hair thickening shampoo is only as good as the ingredients from which it is made. Some hair thickening shampoo companies may position their products as miracle cures made from proprietary formulas, but it pays to be skeptical. Make sure that the components listed as active ingredients have actually been researched and are known to thicken hair. Ingredients such as Vitamin E, amino acids, ginseng, B vitamins, essential oils, and minerals all have a part in the hair thickening process. Also, look for known DHT-blockers. Those are ingredients that can help battle follicle DHT sensitivity, a leading cause of hair loss.


No effective hair thickening shampoo is a cure-all remedy. That’s because there’s not one central cause of thinning hair. Your hair can thin as a result of your genetics, nutrition, DHT sensitivity, damaged follicles, or other factors. Therefore, you must first find out the reason your hair is thinning, then pick a treatment that matches your condition. If you don’t match your condition with the proper treatment, you may be wasting valuable time and money. If you aren’t sure of the cause of your hair loss, you can start by finding a broad-spectrum shampoo that confronts several reasons for hair loss.

Avoid Ineffective Products

When reviewing the components of hair thickening shampoos, it’s important to avoid products that could cause more harm than good. Try to find chemical-free shampoos, since some common ingredients found in hair care products can lead to clogged follicles and thinning hair. Also, make sure the shampoos don’t contain ingredients that may cause your allergies to flare.

If you want to turn back the tide of your thinning hair, search for the best hair thickening shampoo for your condition. By doing adequate research, reviewing ingredients, and finding a shampoo that addresses the specific cause of your thinning hair, you can get the results you desire.

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