How Couple Therapy Can Help In Improving Relationship

Marriage relationship is very important for leading a happy and contended life. It not only keeps you mentally fit but also helps you to lead a healthy life. Number of studies have conducted and it was found that good marriage relationship also helps in psychological wellbeing. Usually happily married person is less stressed and depressed as compared to a single person. They also enjoy hale and hearty life with lower blood pressure or reduced risk of mortality.

However, there are few couples, who don’t experience the bliss of married life. Most of the married couple may have strained relationship and due to this they have very disturbed mental condition as compared to a single people.

Is couple therapy right for you?

There are number of health centers like Naya Clinics, where necessary counselling to couple who need the therapy is provided. Most of the people who received such therapy has reported significant improvements in connecting with their partner. At least short-term improvements can be immediately visible in their relationship and the long-term benefits can also be seen over a few years, if they continue to follow the advices given during the therapy. It has been seen that after the couple therapy the understanding levels, communication and intimacy improves a lot. Couples do not get angry, emotionally they are more stable and they can take better decision in their life.

How couple therapy is effective?

With couple therapy each partner can understand their relationships much better, they can quickly resolve their conflicts and can easily understand the thought process of their partner. The therapist can achieve this by using numbers of therapeutic interventions. In any kinds of couple therapy usually following things are done:

  • Counsellor tries to find the actual problem, which can be either sexual incompatibility, jealousy or certain types of addiction.
  • Therapist try to treat the relationship by attacking on actual problem and involve both the partner to resolve the problem.
  • Therapists are focused towards the solution, changing the mindset and treating the problem quickly.

Couple therapy does not only address the current problem that is bothering the couple but also identify many other areas of concerns. Sometime the actual problem could be very different from what apparently looks like. Many issues like sex, infidelity, parenting, in-law’s problems, money or any health issues remain under the carpet but couple fight on some trivial issues. It is the therapist, who can really identify the main reasons of the conflict.

What are the barriers of couple therapy?

Usually most of the couple takes too much time to decide about consulting any therapist for counselling. By the time lots of water has already flown under the bridge. There are few reasons for taking so much time by most of the couple.

  • Often people think that they have got a bad partner and this cannot be changed
  • People often assume that their problem is not so serious for getting couple therapy
  • Often people take it as last resort, before filing for divorce

Despite coming to therapist at much later stage one can significantly improve their relationship with the help of couple therapy.

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