Dog Care Essentials: Preventive Measures and Treatments

Dogs are probably the most loyal and loving animals. It is the sole responsibility of pet owners to ensure their good health and well being, apart from taking care of the sheltering, training and dietary concerns. You can also consult a veterinarian to learn about the different preventive measure, in order to avoid physical and psychological health problems.

If you are bringing home a pet, then it is important that you know a good Bend animal clinic in your locality. Emergencies can crop up anytime, and to find a vet during such times can be a tedious task.

In this article, we’ve tried to cover all the measures that a pet owner needs to take. Read on…

What treatments should be given?


It is important that all the essential vaccinations are properly given to your dog, in order to protect it from deadly diseases like parvovirus, hepatitis, leptospirosis, etc. Start with primary vaccinations when your pet is eight (8) weeks old, and then two (2) injections every 3rd week. Lastly, booster vaccination needs to be given to improving its immunity level.

Flea and worm treatment

Flea Allergy Dermatitis can cause patches, spots, irritation on the skin. Due to irritation, your dog may bite itself, which will ultimately worsen the situation. It may cause infection as well. Therefore, it is suggested to give your dog flea treatment after 4 to 8 weeks.

Some of the puppies are  infected with worms. Common symptoms like anemia, appetite loss, foul breath and diarrhea indicate that they have worms. Thus, it is important to take a preventive measure, and give your pet worm treatment every 4 to 8 weeks.

What are the benefits of taking preventive care?

Better health and a longer life

Routine medications, regular checkup, and proper vaccinations can improve the health and invariably increases the lifespan of your dog. Regular checkup by your veterinarian will help detect the health problems of your pet. This way, you can ensure that any health problem is addressed at an early stage and avoid complications.

Create awareness among owners

A good veterinarian has experience and will be able to guide you about the preventive health measures and suggestions inevitable for the healthy life of your dog.

The health issues vary depending on the gender, breed, and age of dogs. So, it’s important for you to know the degree of care to be taken for your pet.

Get answers to the following questions –

  • What must be the ideal weight of your dog?
  • What is the breed of your dog?
  • What must be the optimum active level for your pet?


It’s very expensive to treat deadly diseases like cancer, heartworm, etc. Taking preventive measures right from the beginning can help you curtail such diseases, and thereby ensuring good health. This sounds cost effective. Isn’t it?

Just like humans, dogs too have some basic needs. It’s important to fulfill those needs for their healthy well being. This is only achievable by regularly visiting Vet Bend OR clinic. A miss on your part can cause you the loss of your pet.

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