Eating Healthier When Eating Out

As a health-conscious hostess, encouraging guests to eat healthy while coming up with some brilliant brunch party ideas in East Cobb, GA, may seem easier said than done. However, whether you’re the hostess or an attendee at a special brunch with friends, there are some ways to eat out and enjoy yourself at a brunch with friends and stay healthy.

Remember the Good, Better, Best Principle

Often applied to personal finance situations, the good, better, best principle also works when you’re eating out. It may sound good to order an endless stream of mimosas, but a better idea that’s healthier may be plain orange juice. The best in this scenario would be water with an orange or lime wedge on the rim. If you want to feel a little fancy, choose sparkling water.

Eat A Little Before You Go

It’s a common tendency to eat too much when you go out with friends. Eating is a very social behavior for many, which often translates to overeating if you’re having a great time and not paying attention to how much you’re eating. By eating something small before you go, you’ll be less likely to overeat when you’re out and will be more in tune with your body’s alerts when you’re full.

Pay Attention to Cooking Method

It’s easy to make some small changes in food choice on the menu, but it’s also important to pay attention to how things are cooked. Grilled chicken, for instance, may not be better if it’s sautéed first in a butter cream sauce. Generally, things that are grilled or sautéed will be better for you than things that are roasted or fried.

Know Before You Go

If it’s possible to do so, look up the restaurant menu online. A lot of them will have nutrition info listed right next to each menu item so you can craft your own healthy meal before you go. This will minimize the likelihood of ordering something unhealthy at the last minute or splurging on a sugary, fattening dessert after your meal is done. You can also plan before you go to not order bread or drinks, which may fill you up faster and be extra calories you don’t really need.

Eating healthy for any meal, even when you’re at a restaurant, is easy enough to do when you incorporate some of these happy healthy habits. When you need brunch party ideas in East Cobb, GA, at a place that’s great for the whole family, check out Marlow’s Tavern today.

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