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Everything You Need to Know about Microblading

No matter the thickness, shape, or shade of your eyebrows, it’s difficult to keep them the exact shape and thickness you want them without a lot of plucking, waxing, pencils, or powder. Microblading is a great alternative to all these eyebrow-shaping techniques and can allow you to have the full eyebrows you desire. There are some important things you need to know about this process and the benefits you’ll enjoy when you choose to give it a try.

What Is It?

Eyebrow microblading in New York is similar to permanent makeup because it’s a form of tattoo; however, the results are semi-permanent and look much different than regular makeup tattooing. The process uses a tattooing technique that creates strokes that look like real hairs. Unlike a regular tattoo, the pigment is not as deep although it’s still implanted under the skin. A special pen is used to draw these strokes one at a time, which means it’s a very meticulous process, but the results are like nothing else on the market.

Preparing for the Process

Substances like aspirin, alcohol, and retinol should be avoided before you go in for your appointment. This will help minimize bleeding. You skin will have a topical numbing cream applied even though the process is mostly pain-free. Many people describe it as little scratches, so it’s definitely nothing unbearable. The numbing cream is simply to ensure your comfort throughout the process.

Expected Time Frame

As mentioned, this is a meticulous process, so it usually takes a minimum of 2 hours. About half of that time is spent preparing for the actual application of the pigment. The desired shape is drawn in with a removable pencil. This takes a good amount of time because the client and technician work together to find the shape that feels and looks most natural. The eyebrow shape can be customized for each person. Once the desired shape is set, the numbing cream is applied as well as a liquid anesthetic. Then, the actual strokes are applied.


Each technician will provide specific aftercare instructions, but there’s not much maintenance to worry about in general. You may be instructed to avoid moisture as much as possible the first few days and need an ointment if you experience itching or redness.¬†Microblading¬†results last up to 3 years, although short touch-up appointments are recommended yearly.

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