Female vs. Male Gynecologists

Should you go to a male or female gynecologist?

The short answer: yes!

The vast majority of OBGYNs are women. In fact, gynecology is the only medical field with more female doctors than males. Many patients trust a fellow woman to know how best to examine and diagnose women. However, some great male OBGYNs add unique benefits to the field.

Reasons to Choose a Female Gynecologist

Many women say they would feel uncomfortable with a male gynecologist. They fear male OBGYNs may get sexual pleasure from looking at and touching their intimate parts. Though any decent gynecologist will remain professional at all times, there is no way for you to know their thoughts, and you may choose a female doctor if the thought of being examined by a male OBGYN gives you discomfort.

Female OBGYNs also have firsthand knowledge of what it feels like to have a gynecological check up, pregnancy, menopause, and other important aspects of gynecology. Though male gynecologists are well-trained to treat women, there’s a little extra comfort in knowing a female doctor might be able to sympathize with you more. Especially during childbirth, it can be comforting to be treated by someone who has been through the process. Men, along with women who haven’t experienced childbirth, are more likely to underestimate the amount of pain you are in.

If you’ve never had a gynecological exam and are worried about the rare chance of your OBGYN taking advantage of you, it might be helpful to go to a female doctor for the first couple appointments. That way, you have a better chance of knowing what the standard procedures are and how long they should take.

Reasons to Choose a Male Gynecologist

Some men become OBGYNs because they love to deliver babies; others because they want to honor a loved one who had breast or ovarian cancer. Very few men go into the field just to be a pervert. Sexual assault by OBGYNs is possible but very rare. Why would someone spend years and thousands of dollars on formal schooling only to risk it all on a sexual assault?

It’s true that men have no way to know what pelvic exams, labor, etc. really feel like… and that may come with benefits. Women may assume they know exactly how a patient is feeling and be less receptive to their pain or discomfort.  If a female OBGYN has been through childbirth, she may under- or over-estimate your pain and suggest the process should go similarly to her own childbirth even if it’s not best for your case. Men are less likely to force their own opinions about how to deliver and feed babies. Overall, a male OBGYN can be more receptive to what the patient says about her own body because he can’t compare it with his own experience.

If you’re still worried about being sexualized by a male OBGYN, you might feel comforted to know some male gynecologists say they don’t see their patients in a sexual way, just as patients. Some state laws require male obgyns to have a female assistant in the room to further ensure the patient’s safety.

Must-Haves for Any Gender

There are many factors toward choosing your ideal OBGYN that matter more than gender. Both males and females can be gentle and sympathetic… or harsh and impatient. You need to pick an obgyn who thoroughly looks at your records before examinations, believes what you say about your own experiences, and patiently answers your questions.

Some women would feel much more comfortable with a gynecologist of a particular gender. Others feel equally comfortable with all genders. You should go with a gentle, patient, and knowledgeable OBGYN that makes YOU feel comfortable, no matter what other people say. To start your search, check out female gynecologists in Magnolia, TX.

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