Fine Tips for Drinking the Japanese Drink

Sake is made by fermenting rice. The sake rice is milled so that it contains starch. It is a Japanese drink and it is referred to as wine. The fungus is added to rice mash as it helps in converting starch into sugar and after that sugar is fermented in the presence of yeast. Its alcohol content ranges from 14% to 16%. Sake is a wonderful and enjoyable drink, take a look at tips for drinking sake.

Knowledge about sake and its types

It is of utmost importance in making your drinking enjoyable and it also helps in providing you complete satisfaction. Sake is ordered hot or chilled. There are many best sake brands available which you can choose according to your requirement. These brands are:

  • Amazake – This sake has low alcohol content and it is sweet.
  • Geneshu – This sake is undiluted and has alcohol content between 18% and 20%.
  • Jizake – It is regional micro-brewed sake.
  • Koshu – Koshu has sweet and honey like flavour.
  • Kuroshu – This sake is unfiltered and strong in flavour and smell.
  • Namazake – This sake is unpasteurized and it needs refrigeration for storage.
  • Nigorizake or Nilgirisake – This is offered at Japanese restaurants in the west. It is a chilled sake and unfiltered. You can observe a little amount of sediment in finished sake so it is shaken before serving.
  • Taruzake – It is aged sake which is stored in wooden barrels and it has a wooden like flavour. Taruzake is an important choice in ceremonies and events.
  • Teiseihakushu – This sake has strong rice flavour as it is produced by less polishing of rice.

The vessel used for serving sake

The Japanese sake is usually sold to you in large bottles and for the serving purpose, it is poured in small flasks called tokkuri, masu (wooden box). There is one saucer which is used more often in formal occasions is a sakazuki.

How to serve sake?

It totally depends on your choice that how to serve the sake? Whether you want to drink it hot, cold, or at room temperature, it also depends on the type of sake and the season.  You can enjoy a hot sake during cold weather and a chilled sake is preferable in hotter weather and the sake of high quality is served at room temperature.

Sake serving etiquettes

It is always required that someone else fills your sake cup and you can always pour sake for others. While you are pouring sake for others always make sure to place two hands on the flask to show respect to others.

When you are receiving sake bring the cup in the palm of one hand and rest the fingers of the freehand on one side of the cup and tilt your cup towards the pourer as a mark of respect. When you are drinking sake in the workplace be aware of the seniority levels. While pouring sake to seniors use both the hands and for juniors use one hand.

Always raise your cup for cheers

It is always considered polite to raise your cup up for saying cheers. However, in a business meeting take care of the seniority level and the employees of the lower rank should ensure that their cup touches below the rim of their colleague’s cup.


Thus, by making a unique sake choice for any occasion you can enjoy and have a great experience. Your meal with sake gives you best satisfaction and you can choose your sake according to your preferences and taste.

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