First Time Visiting Amsterdam? How Tourist Attractions Maps, Metro Maps, Walking Maps Helps

If you are planning a Europe trip, make sure to include Amsterdam in your itinerary. It is an extremely exciting city with countless things to see and do. However, keep in mind that it is a super expensive city so you need to research well before planning your vacation.

If you are on a budget, you can always checkout budget accommodation to stay. However, it is the travelling expense which you must control as much as possible. Fortunately, Amsterdam has the most efficient public transport system, and so, getting around isn’t that difficult. Nevertheless, it is crucial that you have the right type of map along, as the last thing you will want in this amazing city is to get lost.

How maps will make traveling within Amsterdam easy?

By foot

It is extremely easy to move around in Amsterdam if you don’t mind a little walking. All you will need is a good map and a pair of comfortable walking shoes to explore this beautiful city. You will find that reaching the most well-known attractions of the city is not at all difficult by walking. In fact, if you are staying somewhere in the center of the city, getting around the city by walking for sightseeing is the easiest thing to do.

By bicycle

It is a popular trend to hire bicycles in Amsterdam. There are designated bicycle lanes and thus driving isn’t a big problem. Also, where there are no bicycle lanes, it is extremely safe to drive, since drivers there are pretty used to of wobbly tourists on bicycles.

By tram

You can consider trams as one of the main form of transport in Amsterdam. There are 18 tram lines and most of the tourist attractions have a tram stop nearby. with the help of a tram map, you can note down the attractions you would like to visit and stops you will have to take. Also, there is a conductor’s office on trams, and so you can ask all your queries concerning stops and attractions there.

By bus

Since millions of tourists visit Amsterdam every year, there are dozens of bus routes to help travel within the city. However, you will find that most of the busses are occupied by locals than tourists. This is because if you are staying in the middle of the city, you won’t really need to take a bus. Nevertheless, if you are staying outside the city, buses can be really helpful.

By train and metro

Trains are the best option if you want to travel outside the city. However, if you want to travel long distance within the city, metro is what you should opt for. There are 4 metro lines in Amsterdam. Checkout the train and metro map of Amsterdam to know more about its routes and the attractions it covers on the way.

By car

It is pretty easy to hire a car in Amsterdam and find the routes if you have a map in hand, but if you are going to move around the center of the city, it will be a lot of trouble. The streets in central Amsterdam are narrow and the traffic is dense. Also, there are too many cyclists and pedestrians on the road all the time. So, even if you know the city routes well, it is recommended you travel by public transport to save time.

All in all, it is pretty easy to move around the amazing city of Amsterdam if you have right maps in hand. Understanding city maps is easy and thus finding routes is very much possible. You could checkout different types of Amsterdam maps and guidebooks by visiting this website:

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