Five Tips for Proper Marijuana Dispensary Etiquette

Now that you can purchase marijuana legally in Colorado, you may be excited for your first visit to a Denver dispensary. Maybe you’re even a little bit nervous, or fully terrified, of making showing up for the first time. However, you can protect yourself against a bit of that discomfort by preparing yourself with a little bit of etiquette research.

Tip One: Be Aware of the Differences Between Dispensaries

Every dispensary in Denver will have its own pros and cons. Some will offer great quality products while others may have developed a reputation for poor quality marijuana. You may be looking for a place with great hours or affordable products. Do some online research and ask around before you visit a shop. The more you know about the shop, the better prepared you’ll be to understand how to act.

Tip Two: Prepare for Your Visit Before You Arrive

You know how annoying it can be to stand in line behind a person who just can’t decide what they want to buy? Don’t be that person at the Denver dispensary. There’s already a good chance that everyone will be spending some time waiting for their chance with the budtender. Good dispensary etiquette requires that you know what you’re looking for before you get to the dispensary.

Tip Three: Have Everything You Need Gathered in One Place

You’ll need to have some ID with you, your recommendation card if you’re there for medicinal purposes and some cash to complete your purchase. Your trip to the dispensary in Denver will go more smoothly if you have already gathered those items together, you and everyone else who is waiting for their turn to make a purchase will be much happier.

Tip Four: Do Not Take Your Cell Phone

You’ll find that most dispensaries have a very strict policy against taking photos and will also restrict the use of any cell phones within their facility. Even if the dispensary you are visiting doesn’t have this policy, it is just bad manners (and very distracting) for you to spend time on your phone visiting with friends, texting or otherwise disrupting the smooth progression of business.

Tip Five: Respect the Space of Other Shoppers

If you were to visit a pharmacy, you would probably stand in a polite line with a bit of space between yourself and the other people in line. The same courtesy for privacy should be given in the dispensary. Even if you aren’t concerned about your own privacy, you’ll want to respect the privacy of other shoppers. Allow for plenty of space between yourself and those shoppers in front of you, so that they can comfortably keep their personal information and medical conditions confidential.

Practice Your Best Etiquette

With these five tips, you should be ready to head into a Denver dispensary, knowing that your visit will progress smoothly. Remember that each dispensary in Denver will have its own unique pros and cons, know what to expect before you arrive, prepare a shopping list, leave your cellphone off and respect the privacy of the other shoppers. With these tips, you’ll be sure to make a great impression on your first visit.

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