Getting Your Loved Ones into Recovery

Knowing that a family member or close friend has a substance addiction can be one of the hardest things to deal with. Knowing they need help and aren’t getting it can be heartbreaking. All you want to do is get them off their addiction, but it is never as simple as just giving up whatever drug they are addicted to. Fortunately, in Orange County, CA, residential addiction treatment options are available to help addicts get the help they truly need. Here are three ways to help convince your loved ones to get treatment, even if they don’t think they need it.

Get Ahead of the Curve

When trying to get your loved one into recovery, it is important to get to work long before they reach rock bottom. While rock bottom could be a motivator to quit, it can just as often be an overdose, or worse, death. Getting them into recovery long before they reach their worst, allows them an easier road to recovery, while simultaneously avoiding many of the most serious heath effects from their addiction and eventual withdrawal. Don’t ever assume rock bottom is as bad as it is going to get, as it is always possible for things to get worse before improving.

Make It Their Decision

Nobody likes to be forced in to something and getting addiction treatment is no exception. Therefore, you can’t simply demand someone go in to rehab, as they will likely avoid going in response, and if they do go, they will not have their heart in it. The key is to plant the seed of treatment, and subtly get them interested in addiction treatment on their own, which will make them more committed to making the necessary changes in their life to break their habits.

You Need to Change Too

It is not uncommon for your environment to be a factor in the result of your talk about treatment. Often, you will have better results if you bring up treatment options on neutral ground, as they will be less likely to feel blindsided by the suggestion. It will also allow them to view their situation in a more objective manner and make them more receptive to the idea of treatment.

Getting your loved ones into treatment is one of the greatest challenges you will face. Thankfully, in Orange County, CA, residential addiction treatment options are there to help, both getting you into treatment, and back to living a normal life.

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