Good and Profitable Uses of Cannabis Trim

Cannabis cultivation is getting legal in many states, so the post-harvest trim influx is increasing. Many people just bag the stems and leaves that get trimmed in the pruning phase to throw it away. Surprisingly, there is still THC in the trim, which may not be potent like in the cannabis buds bought from the dispensary but its value must not be ignored. Many breeders are not even aware about how to get the THC from leftover plants. The leaves still have sticky residue from trichomes. You can collect and use them.

What is trim?

Obviously, cannabis plants get trimmed because only buds are bundle of joy to consumers. The needless part of plant is removed. Actually, the low potent parts like stems, trim, and seeds can dampen the high experience of smoking marijuana.

Everyone does not breed their own marijuana plants but in case you do then bear in mind the given aspects.

  • Trimming machine helps to separate the trichomes from leftover trim very easily.
  • Even if you don’t love to smoke trim does not mean just throw it away in trash. Obviously, it tastes terrible and harsh but you can earn money from every drop of THC present in the trim.

How to use cannabis trim?

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Trichomes form trims can be infused in the cannabis butter, which is a totally legitimate alternative. Making Cannabutter is very easy and in addition you can enjoy the THC benefits from the trim without experiencing the terrible taste. It is a good option as you can apply it as butter substitute in baking, cooking or popping popcorn.


After a screening process, the trichomes that get collected are named ‘Kief’. The rim is screened in the grinder and within minutes you create a lot of kief. You can use this dusty treat as hash or sprinkle it on your next joint or bowl.

Cannabis infused oil

If you don’t desire to consume cannabis infused food or wish to take oral dose for same effects than cannabis infused oil is the best option. You can find cannabis oil usage recipes online and trim are suitable for this purpose.

Cannabis beer

Cannabis beer can be made at home. You can actually brew the trim including stems and stalks. A single cannabeer effects are equivalent to single standard brew. Barley and cannabis have similarity as they belong to same plant family. Brewers replaced barley with cannabis trim as it still contains THC.

Cannabis trim tea

Marijuana trim tea is an easy option to use the leftover stalks and stems of cannabis after harvesting the buds.

  • Half gram of grounded cannabis trim
  • Half tbsp. cannabutter or butter
  • Tea bag of preferred flavor
  • 1 ½ cup water

You will need empty teabag or cheesecloth to hold the grounded cannabis trim. Allow it to steep in the water for some time along with other ingredients and the golden cannabis trim tea is ready to be enjoyed.

Cannabis milk

The THC bonds well with any kind of fatty substance. This is the reason why cannabutter is used widely to make edibles. Whole milk is better to bond with this fantastic compound than low-fat one. Add whipping cream to this mix and get a combination that blends very strongly. Cannabis milk shake is easy and fast to make.

Never lose the trim but put them to profitable use!

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