Why Hempwick Is Best Alternative To Butane Lighters?

Majority of cannabis users make use of butane lighter to light their bong. They are unaware that every time the small fire gets started there is a combustion process, which releases toxic gas. They breathe it, which can possibly damage their health overtime.

In addition, the lighters burn very hot and this destroys the delicate and volatile terpenes molecule, which resemble and interact with cannaboids to intensify the THC effects. Even if you substitute lighters with paper or wooden matches the risk of inhaling burned sulphur still exists.

Why hempwick is best alternative to butane lighters?

Demand for safe way

The demand for safe and organic way to light cannabis has increased. As a result, organic Hempwick got introduced. Hemp string or hemp rope is made from hemp cord coated or dipped in wax. Beeswax glues to the wick but does not stick to your fingers.

Wrap the string around a lighter or bowl. Lighting the wick is easy and if more is required just unwinds the hemp string. Some bongs and bowls are designed with some designated area for wrapping the hempwick around. It is very convenient and handy feature. Hipsters are seen carrying grey or brown organic fiber in stash box or their pocket to light their blunt.

Burns slowly

Normal hemp used as wick burns quickly but the honey coating makes it ideal to light joint or bowl. It burns very slowly than butane lighter flame. Therefore the terpene profile in weeds or concentration get better preserved. Thus, efficient psychoactive effects get produced efficient in medical or leisure purpose.

Eco-friendly option

As per Wikipedia, breathing butane can possibly causes an array of adverse effects ranging from temporary memory loss, drowsiness, and narcosis to blood pressure fluctuations, cardiac arrhythmia and also frostbite. As it is a blend of beeswax and hemp twine it is an eco-friendly option. It also reduces the use of disposable lighters and fossil fuel consumption.

Low in carcinogens

Low temperature produces less harsh hits with few carcinogens. Unlike other fuels used in refillable lighters, you get saved from inhaling flint powder. It is a nasty substance, which savvy consumers don’t wish in their lungs or mouth. As the flames are small, accurate bowl cornering is attained, so common over-smoking of stems, soot or ash gets avoided.

Flexible companion

On the other hand, hempwick is a string available in the form of ball, which can be shaped around the lighter. Spark it and soon wick catches slow flame that can be used to burn the weed evenly before decarboxylation occurs.

Where to buy hempwicks?

They are basically available at the local dispensaries, online outlets and local head shops. Hemp wick is available in variety of brands and grades including thick, super-thick, and thin. You can even make your personal hempwick. It is every simple, you will find how to make it on the internet.

Besides the healthy benefits, using hempwick is cheap in comparisons. It does not go bad and is easily accessible.

Use hempwick to smoke healthy!

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