Why In-Home Care Is Better Than a Nursing Home

When it comes to caring for your loved ones, there are several reasons why you should consider personalized senior home care in Phoenix.


By far the greatest benefit of in-home nursing care is that the patient gets to stay in their own home. Familiar faces and surroundings are essential to the healing process. For patients suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s, the ability to stay in their home or a family member’s home they’re familiar with helps grounds the patient in the present time. Surrounded by tangible memories of a life they created and people they love, they’re less likely to spiral into depression and more likely to retain important memories. The transition into a nursing home or assisted living facility can be confusing and hazardous to patients with mental health concerns. Patients that are already used to putting their clothes in a certain drawer or their medication in a certain cabinet can become easily frustrated when they have to learn and adapt to their new surroundings. By hiring an in-home nurse, you can avoid putting your loved ones through any undue stress.

Personalized Attention

Despite what they want you to believe, many nursing home facilities simply don’t have the staff needed to give your loved ones the personal attention they need on a daily basis. Understaffed facilities have to ration nursing staff hours which means that nurses have to rush through their daily duties. Unfortunately, these sorts of conditions can result in increased rates of illness, accidents, and depression. With an in-home nurse, you can rest assured your loved one is getting the individual attention they need. Beyond physical needs like bathing and personal hygiene, they also benefit from meaningful social interactions with their caretaker.


An in-home caretaker allows patients to retain their personal independence. One of the most important rules of in-home nursing care is to always allow the patient the chance to do whatever they’re physically able to do. Even simple, seemingly meaningless tasks like washing the dishes or folding the laundry help patients retain their sense of independence. The level of independence usually correlates to the patient’s level of mobility in which case an in-home nurse is simply there to supervise and provide emergency care in the event of an accident. Senior home care Phoenix can help provide peace of mind for you while still allowing your loved ones to experience independence in their own home.

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