How to Get Hormone Therapy in Your Own Home

Hormone therapy is a relatively recent advancement in the medical field, but it’s quickly proving to be an effective way to treat many conditions, particularly as individuals age and begin to see a decrease in their natural hormone production. But because it’s still a relatively new treatment, it can be difficult to find a doctor near you that is offering this option. If you’re looking for hormone therapy in San Antonio, and you’re struggling to find a doctor within a reasonable distance who can do this for you, you might want to look into virtual services for this treatment. Here’s how it works.

The First Appointment

The first step in getting hormone therapy at home is to speak with a doctor who specializes in this kind of treatment. But, thanks to modern technology, you don’t need to even visit the doctor’s office, so long as they offer the option to speak to them remotely. You can video chat with the doctor, or simply speak over the phone about your condition, symptoms, and whether or not they believe this is the right treatment option for you.

Getting Labs Done

Having a blood draw and getting lab tests completed is another important step in receiving hormone therapy. Unfortunately, this can’t be done from your own home. However, companies like LabCorp have many convenient locations and can provide results to your doctor, regardless of where your doctor is located. The doctor you speak with at your appointment should be able to tell you which labs you can go to have your labs drawn. After reviewing the results from the lab tests, the doctor will formulate a hormone treatment plan specific to your needs.

Receiving Hormone Therapy

Once the doctor has put together a treatment plan for you, the hormone treatments can be sent straight to your home via a delivery service. These treatments will include a formula that is designed specifically to your needs, and will be delivered at intervals determined by your doctor. Be sure to get clear instructions on taking these treatments.

Follow-Up Appointments

After you begin your hormone therapy treatments, you will need to have follow-up appointments with your doctor, as well as follow-up lab draws. The appointments can take place remotely, but you will need to visit the lab drawing facility each time new samples are needed. This will typically take place 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months after you begin your treatments, then every 6 months thereafter.

If you’re interested in receiving¬†hormone therapy in San Antonio,¬†look into having your treatments delivered straight to your home.

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