Hypercholesterolemia Guidelines Include Medications to Keep Your Cholesterol Under Control

If your family has the gene that causes hypercholesterolemia in your DNA, you and your children are at risk for high cholesterol and the life-threatening conditions that go with it. This is particularly difficult when small children are diagnosed with high cholesterol, even though they eat healthy and are quite active. For children over the age of 8 years and adults, there are hypercholesterolemia medications that can help control the levels of your bad and good cholesterol. They are part of most treatment regimens, which is why they are included in many hypercholesterolemia guidelines.

Some of the Primary Medications Are…

Of course, you will be expected to enact some lifestyle changes to control your cholesterol levels. This includes changing your diet where necessary and getting plenty of exercise. For really tough cases, you may also be placed on statins, which are a remarkable and relatively new medication for cholesterol control. Statins not only reduce your LDL-C levels, which is the bad cholesterol, they also work to improve your good cholesterol alongside preventing cardiovascular emergencies.

In Addition to Statins

Your doctor may also opt to add additional meds found in hypercholesterolemia guidelines to enhance the positive effects of your statins. Ezetimibe is oftentimes prescribed to patients will severe cases of hypercholesterolemia. This medication works by reducing your liver’s secretion of ApoB. Add to that bile acid sequestrates and you have a potent combination that helps regulate your LDLRs, which are low-density lipoprotein receptors. They play an important role in the levels of cholesterol found in your blood. Other lipoprotein medication includes lomitapide and PCSK9 to inhibit hepatic production.


If all of this seems a bit overwhelming, don’t let it frighten you. The medication you are prescribed will be based on several factors, including your cholesterol numbers, your liver production and your genetic sequencing. Once doctors isolate the exact genetic sequence behind your high cholesterol, they will better know which medications to prescribe to control it, and you’ll be happy to know that in some cases, the only the thing the doctor will suggest alongside a statin is extra niacin in your diet, and everyone could a little of that, couldn’t they?

The important thing to keep in mind is that you must get and keep your cholesterol under control. Even if it isn’t your fault that you have high cholesterol, the fact that it is too high could eventually take your life. Hypercholesterolemia guidelines are in place to help you and your doctor treat your condition with maximum success.

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