Is an IOP Right for You?

For anyone in the grip of addiction, recovery can seem daunting. Fortunately, those who want to be clean and sober have many options. If you are considering entering a treatment facility, you might worry about leaving home to seek care. That is, you may not have to check yourself into a treatment center. Intensive outpatient programs give you access to the tools you need to leave addiction far behind. If you are weighing residential treatment versus an IOP in Orange County, CA, you might want to know about the many benefits of IOPs.

Stay at Home

For many, being away from home is the biggest obstacle to seeking treatment. With IOP programs in Orange County, you may not have to leave the comfort and stability of your house to get sober. Instead, with one of these programs, you get the information and care you need to overcome drug or alcohol dependency in an outpatient setting. If you are unable to leave your family or want to remain at home for other reasons, an IOP might be the best option for recovery.

Go to Work

Even under ideal circumstances, it can be difficult to take time off work. If you don’t have enough vacation days to complete a residential treatment program, you don’t have to put your recovery on hold. An IOP in Orange County, CA, might allow you to successfully complete treatment without missing much work. Even better, continuing to fulfill professional obligations may give you the stability you need to achieve better treatment outcomes.

Pay Less

It is virtually impossible to put a price tag on recovery. Still, you don’t want to have to worry about finances when trying to get sober. Often, utilizing an IOP for treatment is more affordable than enrolling in a residential program. Check your medical insurance to see what types of IOPs are covered by your plan.

Utilize Support

Finally, moving away from ingrained support structures can make recovery difficult. While inpatient programs offer independent support, your family might be a better source. By pursuing an IOP, you can likely remain close to those who offer stability and comfort. Likewise, you probably won’t experience so much anxiety about recovery if you can rely on family and friends for help.

When you are in the darkest days of addiction, it can be difficult to envision a better, sober life. You probably don’t have to check into a residential treatment facility to recover from your drug or alcohol dependency. Rather, you may receive the care you need by enrolling in an IOP in Orange County, CA.

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