Learn About Non 12 Step Rehabilitation Program And Its Benefits

When you are looking for rehabilitation programs as a means of overcoming your own or your loved ones addiction of alcohol, drugs, smoking or any other form of addiction the residential rehabilitation programs is the most popular choice. The most popular being the traditional 12 step rehabilitation program. Nowadays an alternate but effective non traditional program is being suggested by professionals with details given on their website. These non traditional programs are called non 12 step recovery programs.

What’s a Non 12 step rehabilitation program?

The non 12 step rehabilitation program considers the issues are leading to addiction as an important factor along with the dependence. The program not only deals with the current problem of dependence on the addiction of an illicit substance but the root cause of the addiction. The best aspect of the non 12 step program is that the person undergoing the treatment doesn’t need to participate in such treatment procedures that are inapplicable to them.

The need of an alternate program

The traditional 12 step rehabilitation program was considered sacrosanct and infallible. There was no personal accountability leading to addiction in the program that led to lower motivation levels and a feeling of hopelessness in the individual fighting the addiction. The program was inflexible and it was same for every individual. It targeted the problem of substance dependence without identifying and correcting the mental problems that may be causing the addiction. All these problems led to the use of no traditional, non 12 step rehabilitation programs.

The benefits of the alternate or non traditional program

  • The effectiveness is higher than the 12 step rehabilitation programs- most of the centers offering non 12 step programs boast of success rates, higher than the traditional programs.
  • It supports the treatment of dual diagnosis – many a people suffering from addiction may have an underlying mental condition. The non 12 step programs focus on the treatment of the addiction as well as the mental health problem
  • The integration of evidence based psychological approaches – They use counseling based therapeutic approach to treat the underlying emotional and mental problems that causes the substance addiction. The Cognitive behavioral therapy is used to identify the root cause of the addiction and modifying the behavior to correct the substance based addiction.
  • Availability of multiple approaches – an individual can find a center that offers a program that matches their need and perception whether it’s spirituality or faith or medicine or a combination of different approaches
  • Flexibility – the non 12 step programs have a flexible approach that accommodates the individual need and the individual response of the ongoing treatment. If an approach is not providing result for an individual, then it will be changed till the desired results are gained.

The customization of the treatment to cater to individual needs and the focus on identification of the root cause of the problem of substance-abuse are the benchmarks of non 12 step recovery programs. It empowers the individual and establishes the need of change but at the same time it makes an individual understand that they need to be the source of change. The details of the program can be found at the website of the centers offering the non 12 step programs.

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