Learn the Right Way to Operate a Weed Eater

Weed eaters are one of the appropriate tools used for trimming grass, weeds, or low lying underbrush.  Not using it in the right way will not only cause you accidents but deprives you from getting its maximum benefits.

Threading of a Weed Eater

Some weed eater models have built in pre-strung spools that when popped, get you the desired work. Most of the weed eater models require addition of new strings to it. The number of strings required depends on the type of the model.

Some need one string while other weed eaters operate using two strings. So, the first step in its design is to determine the type of weed eater model and thread it accordingly.

Method of threading a single string weed eater

  • Cut the spool from the head of the trimmer. By pressing the tabs, lift out the device cap.
  • Get a string of 15 to 25 feet long. This string length depends on the length of the line that can easily be held by the pool.
  • Keep half an inch of the string inside the spool hole.
  • Neatly tie the string from both the sides. It is advised to leave six inches loose at both the end.
  • Make a knot at one end of the line on the spool. This will prevent the line from getting unwind at the time of putting the new spool inside the trimmer head.
  • Release the string line from the notch. Tie the loose end via the eyelet.
  • Ensure the trimmer head and spool is safely attached.

Method of threading two strings weed eater

The entire process of threading the weed eater with two strings is similar. The only difference is that the length of the spool is divided in half. The threads in these devices need to be wound in reverse direction. See more about threading a string in the weed eater here.

Starting a gas-powered weed eater device

  • Learn about the working of the different parts of the weed eater machine. These parts are the fuel tank, pull chord, gas cap, starting handle, choke and primer bulb.
  • Tap the primer bulb till the bubble is filled with the fuel. Turn the choke position in a downward Now pull the chord. Once you find the engine has started, you can switch off the choke.
  • Use the trigger present on the handle for speed and intensity adjustment of the weed eater.
  • Switch off the weed eater by pressing the slider present close to the trigger.

Learn about the fuel mixture

As a weed eater runs on the fuel, it is very important to ensure that the fuel mixture is adequate for normal running of the machine. Chainsaw fuel needs to be mixed with the gas mixture before using the device. Making fuel mixture in this way will offer desired lubrication to the movable parts of the device.

Some take maintaining their garden as a dreaded chore while others consider it is as a hobby. Getting a weed eater and using it in the right way would make your task simple and interesting to a lot of extents.

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