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Love the Skin You’re In

Healthy skin is just as important as your general health. The way you would schedule a visit to your primary doctor for an illness is the same way you should visit a dermatologist for a strange rash on your arm or any other skin issues. Remember when you were in high school (or junior high) and even as an adult, you were dealt with acne? Depending on the severity, it was embarrassing, wasn’t it? You probably used all the acne-clearing products you could find over the counter, but nothing worked; that can be very frustrating when you want to look your best, but your skin isn’t cooperating.

This is where a good dermatologist comes in handy. Brentwood dermatology experts offer services that medically treat acne, so you can feel like you again. They also offer other services that will enhance your beauty. If you have extra fat around the waist (that diet and exercise can’t remove), wrinkles, dark spots, etc., you can take advantage of the CoolSculpting procedure to freeze off the fat and tighten your skin. Botox treatments are available to visibly reduce your wrinkles and medical treatments can be used to remove any dark spots or birthmarks.

The technology used by dermatologists has advanced so much in the past several years that you can even permanently remove unwanted hair with the Laser Hair Removal treatments. The options for keeping your skin healthy and looking its best are nearly endless.

Due Diligence

Your skin’s beauty also depends on your due diligence; it’s important to protect your skin as much as possible. When it’s hot and sunny outside, apply a fair amount of sunscreen and re-apply it when necessary. Don’t sunbathe and avoid as much contact with the sun as you can, as these can both lead to skin cancer or discoloration.

During the cold winter season, wear clothing that will keep your whole body warm, avoiding frostbite and cracking skin. Keeping your skin clean and hydrating it with a moisturizing lotion daily is also highly recommended to ensure good health. Severe dry skin can cause itching, which can lead to broken skin due to scratching.

If your skin does break and bleed, it’s important to treat it at once by cleaning the affected area with either alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, allowing it to dry, then applying a band-aid. Some people find it helpful to add an anti-infection cream such as Neosporin before applying the band-aid to help with the healing process. For more information on skin health, you can contact a Brentwood dermatology expert and speak with a licensed physician.

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