Few Myths About Plant-Based Protein and The Real Facts

People have formed many different opinions as far as plant-based protein are concerned. Few of them may be true however quite a number of them are totally false. People have an opinion that plant-based proteins are very high with carbohydrates and hence not suitable for muscle development. On the contrary, plant-based proteins are very good source of amino acids and people all over the world have begun to recognize these facts.

In this article, we shall discuss about few common myths that floats around among people, as regards to plant-based protein and also, we will tell you the actual facts.

  • Plant-based protein are not complete protein

Any protein can be considered as complete protein if it can supply all the 9 essential amino acids that our body needs. There are a number of plant-based protein which may not offer all the essential amino acids. However, that is not the complete story. You can take combination of different plant-based protein source to obtain all the required essential amino acids. In addition to that there are few plant-based proteins like hemp seed which can offer you healthy omega-3 acids. Quinoa can offer you essential fatty acids and also gluten free. Pea protein contains all nine essential amino acids. Hence this allegation is not true.

  • High carbohydrate contents

Many people may say that plant-based proteins contain lots of carbohydrates therefore it will have excess calories. You can get plenty of plant-based protein supplements where carbs are totally eliminated and the profile of amino acid is improved. The best vegan protein powder contains few grams of carbs but along with that there are many crucial nutrients present in it. This type of plant-based protein powder can be a better source of protein.

  • Enough protein is not available from plant-based foods

Often people say that plant-based foods do not contain enough proteins for those who are interested to develop muscles. The common perception among people is that by taking more quantity of protein they will achieve more muscles. As a matter of fact, a number of plant-based protein sources offers almost comparable amount of protein per serving. Also eating lots of protein is another myth. Plant-based protein can provide adequate amount of protein for your muscle growth too.

  • Plant-based proteins not suitable for muscle building

A perception has developed in the mind of people that only animal protein can only help in achieving muscle growth. Therefore, athletes and bodybuilders need to eat meat. Therefore, they are suggested to eat beef, chicken and turkey in sufficient quantity. However, the fact is that you can get almost same amount of protein from plant foods too. Also, plant-based proteins are easily digestible as compared to animal-based proteins. Nowadays there are number of supplements available based on plant-based proteins which are quite popular among athletes and bodybuilders.

  • Plant based proteins are of low quality

That is not true because plant-based proteins also contain amino acids and they are much balanced diet if taken along with other foods and supplements and can help you to recover and build muscles and lose fat.

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