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All You Need to Know About Microneedling Treatment

The demand for microneedling treatment has increased a lot these days. Besides, dermatologists generally recommend this treatment to people with facial scars. From enlarged pores to acne scars, microneedling can cure any type of skin related issue. Don’t know whether this treatment is really safe or not? Don’t worry! This treatment is absolutely safe for both men and women. Scared of needles or the pain? No need to worry! If you opt for the Dermapen (by DermapenWorld) Most Clinics of the genuine Dermapen Products opt not to use any Numbing cream, as the treatment is so comfortable, due to the high quality very fine needles and super fast AVON (Advanced Vertical Oscillating). You can use this treatment on any area of your body like neck, back, abdomen, arms, hands and legs. This treatment does wonders for scaring, Hyperpigmentation/hypopigmentation, Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), Skin rejuvenation, Ageing/rhytids, Ultra violet damage, Vitiligo, Rosacea, Telangiectasia, Seborrhoea,, Problematic/breakouts/acne, Enlarged/dilated pores, Keratosis pilaris, Milia, Striae (Stretch Marks), Alopecia, And so more…*

For at home treatments have a look into MyDermapen. This device is designed to complement clinical Dermapen Treatments which are usually at a 6 week interval. MyDermapen at-home treatments can be performed weekly, once you are satisfied with your progress, you may choose to only treat as necessary or once a month. The MyDermapen needles are fully adjustable from 0.1ml-0.5mm. The MyDermapen is suitable for the depth for treatment of wrinkles, pigmentation, infusion of meso fluids, problematic skin breakouts and more for at home use.

What is a Dermapen?

The Original, Trusted, Australian Dermapen is the device of choice –  which is used in the skin micro-needling treatment. Dermapen is endorsed by thousands of practitioners around the globe who have added this device to their practice because of its high efficiency and effectiveness in handling skin problems like acne scars, ageing, wrinkles and etc. Visit the site to find the nearby clinic to your location for taking the microneedling treatment. In fact, this link will help you in finding the best Dermapen treatment provider in your location.

What to expect during microneedling?

Firstly, before the treatment is conducted a dermatologist should prep the skin with clinical treatment creams such as Dp Dermaceuticals. Then, depending on what your treating ie scars pigmentaion etc, treatment creams will be applied – Dp Dermaceuticals  Hyla Active serum is applied for a consistent gliding effect.

This entire process may take up to 30 minutes in general. Post this treatment your skin may become little red. Don’t get panicked looking at the redness on your skin an every day every treatment cream called Cover Recover is applied. Cover Recover’s versatility is more than just medical camouflage. Cover Recover revolutionizes the concept of corrective camouflage to nurture post-procedure conditions ravished by inflammation, redness, discomfort, and heat. As an everyday product, it delivers SPF, moisture protection, skin correction and coverage in one. Offering a global approach following any procedure, Cover Recover™ by DP Dermaceuticals™ is for EVERY TREATMENT, EVERY SKIN, EVERY DAY.

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If proper protocol procedures are followed it will take hardly take one or two days for your skin to look normal post this treatment.

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