Questions to Ask When Hiring Home Healthcare

Nobody wants to spend weeks — or even longer — in the hospital when they could be recovering or managing their illness at home. Whether you need someone to help you recover while you heal from major surgery or you want to find assistance for an ailing parent, home care in Burbank provides the medical professionals you need without the stuffy hospital room. However, it is important to ask the right questions when hiring someone.

Is the Agency Licensed, Bonded and Insured?

A truly professional agency will be licensed, bonded and insured. Licensing ensures the agency is legally able to do business in the state and that it only hires highly trained professionals in the medical field. Of course, insurance is important to protect you, the patient and the company should any unforeseen circumstances occur. Insurance is useful to pay for damages to property or further medical treatment if an accident occurs at the fault of the company. Finally, a good company will be bonded, which means it has state-controlled money available for you to use should you need to file a claim.

What Services Do You Provide?

Never assume an agency that provides home care in Burbank will offer the service you need. Some agencies only hire home health care aides. They are available for running errands, spending time with the patient, performing housekeeping duties and other basic tasks but aren’t legally cleared to perform certain medical tasks. If the patient requires around-the-clock medical care, you must ensure the agency you’re interested in can provide a licensed nurse.

How Do You Select and Train Your Staff?

Of course, when hiring someone to work in your home, you want to know it is as safe as the patient is. As you search for

home care in Calabasas

, be sure to ask about each company’s selection and training process. Do they do background checks and if so, is it at the federal level? Does the staff undergo random drug testing? The company should verify all licenses before hiring someone. In addition, it should provide training, including ongoing training as medicine advances. Finally, be sure to ask how often supervisors check in on their staff members and what you can expect should you need to file a complaint for any reason.

Above all else, go with your gut feeling as you search for home care in Burbank. Always research the company first to ensure you are working with a reputable agency such as 24Hr HomeCare.

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