Relocating to Bend, Oregon? 3 Ways to Find a Doctor

After you move to the Bend, Oregon region, you have to make some changes to your residency in the area. You’ll have to get a new driver’s license and plates. You also will have to find a new doctor who can provide exceptional medical care for you and your family’s needs. To help you find the right doctor, use the following 3 ways to ensure that the doctor is the right fit.

Check Your Insurance Policy

Your health insurance will carry a directory of doctors that are in-network in the Bend region. You can go through the list and ask questions about the care they provide and whether they still take your particular insurance carrier. While you can select a doctor who is out of network, find out the out-of-pocket costs you will have to pay and weigh this factor into consideration based on your finances as well as your present and future medical needs.

Select a Specialty

Doctors will usually list whether they are involved with family practice, general practice or internal medicine. This is an important factor to consider as you may have a medical condition or disease that requires more specialized treatment from a skilled doctor who can provide better management and diagnosis for that particular medical malady. For example, if you are looking for a neurosurgeon in Bend Oregon, you wouldn’t use them as your family practitioner since neurosurgery is a very specialized practice. You may decide to select a family practitioner who will see the whole family for general health issues, as it will make it convenient when scheduling appointments.

Visit the Doctor’s Office

The best way to find out if the doctor will be the right fit is to schedule a visit. You can check out how friendly the staff is, whether the waiting room is always busy or overbooked, and see how the doctor treats you during the visit. Make mental notes on how they listen to your problems and whether they explain treatments in a clear and concise manner that you understand.

Selecting a new doctor in Bend can be a trying process. Use the above 3 methods to select the right one for your health care needs.

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