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Over the years, there has been much information published in the news and online about arsenic in drinking water. The Environmental Protection Agency has established guidelines called Chemical Contaminant Rules that regulate contaminants, of which arsenic is one, into three groups – volatile organic contaminants, synthetic organic contaminants and inorganic contaminants. The last is the category into which arsenic falls. You owe it to yourself and your family to educate yourself about arsenic allowable levels and arsenic treatment in drinking water.

What Are the EPA Guidelines?

The EPA lowered the acceptable limits of arsenic in drinking water. In 2001, from a previously accepted standard of 50 parts per billion (ppb), the standard was lowered to 10 ppb. This standard applies to both community and non-community water systems.

Chemical Contaminant Rules are meant to protect the public against the health risks associated with ingestion of arsenic, which include problems of the skin, circulatory system, nervous system, lungs, bladder and some forms of cancer. With AdEdge Water Technologies, you can count on safe arsenic removal from water that enters your home.

The Ubiquitous Nature of Arsenic

Arsenic is a colorless and odorless compound that naturally occurs in groundwater almost everywhere. It is only when the concentration exceeds the EPA’s and World Health Organization’s guidelines that it is considered a health risk. Because it is found in so many places, and the risks associated with over-ingestion so high, many choose to include arsenic treatment in drinking water used by themselves and their families.

Successful Arsenic Removal Systems

AdEdge Water Technologies provides the water treatment system of choice for several reasons. Providing a range of NSF 61 certified treatment options is just the beginning. Partnering with USEPA in 12 successful arsenic demonstration projects and independent studies of their E33 absorption media to be the highest performing media in use gives you the peace of mind that your water is safe. With over 400 systems in place around the world, you know you have an experienced company behind the arsenic treatment of your drinking water.

There are a few different approaches to arsenic removal from water, depending on flow rate, arsenic concentration, whether there are any co-contaminants and limitations or conditions specific to your site.

Adsorption refers to the process of breaking the chemical bond between the water molecules and the contaminant and forcing adherence to a filtration medium. This is accomplished using pressure and contact time. Using granular ferric oxide, the arsenic concentration is reduced by 99 percent.

Coagulation/Filtration works by coagulating the contaminants using an iron or aluminum salt additive. This is done in a pre-treatment design, eliminating any after-use hazardous waste.

Oxidation/Filtration is designed specifically for wellhead treatment.  The AD26 uses integrated oxidation filtration in a manganese dioxide media wherein arsenic is co-precipitated and filtered in the media bed which is periodically backwashed.

You know how important it is to have clean, healthy water for cooking and drinking. You want to keep yourself and your family free from contaminants by using arsenic treatment in drinking water. You can count on Adedge Water Technologies to give you the peace of mind knowing you have one of the best systems available for arsenic removal from water.

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