Taking care of energy workers

Nuclear employees who have work-related sickness because of exposure can seek support and treatment from the administration and accredited health institutions to avoid of home health care services and get other forms of advantages and compensations.

Any kind of work entails different privileges. Some work, anyway, has more perks than the other especially if the amount of work is high, or the nature of job is riskier – like working at a nuclear plant. In as much as nuclear reactors can damage vast lands and wipe out cities and the full human civilization, working at a nuclear place is no different. Working at a nuclear facility exposes employees to nuclear radiation, thus, the administration of the America enacted the EEOICPA act in October 20000 to provide advantages to energy employees.

Taking care of energy workers

EEOICPA make sure the compensation both current former workers, and even their survivors, who were diagnosed with work-related problems caused by radiation. Some of the most general sickness that employees suffer from are chronic beryllium disease, radiogenic cancer, and chronic silicosis and among others as an outcome of being exposed to radiation, silica white or beryllium employed in such facilities. Aside from monetary compensations, employees are also entitled to medical advantages adding home health care from medical institutions that admit EEOICPA.

These medical institutions like United Energy Workers Healthcare are designed to help EEOICPA home health beneficiaries. As part of the service, patients are provided expert care and help from nurses round-the-clock. They are also assisted in meal preparation, bathing, transport and mobility as well as doing basic house chores.

A new chance in life

United Energy Workers Healthcare provide nuclear-exposed employees a new chance in life through best standard healthcare provided by medical experts. For some medical institutions, which one is proven eligible to get the advantages of EEOICPA, home health services can be offered at no-cost.

Should unfortunate events occur, such as loss of life of the patient due to the severity of the sickness, these institutions, and the administration will also help the family in completing paper jobs as well as in compensations.

Give yourself and your dear ones the chance to make use of the advantages of your life work. Consider EEOICPA and know how the program may help you.

EEOICPA medical advantage

As a competent claimant under the EEOICPA, administrated by the DOL or Department of Labor, you are entitled to medical advantages to cover the reasonable cost of treatment of your accepted situation. EEOICPA medical advantages for covered sickness include customary and reasonable medical care, services, treatment, drugs prescribed by a physician, supplies, medical equipment, in-home health care, vehicle and home modifications, and travel directly linked with the treatment of a covered sickness.


General medical services

EEOICPA medical advantages are prized for accepted situations on your claim. The medical condition accepted on your claim are covered for medical advantages from the day that you filed your claim for those situations accepted. EEOICPA medical advantages pays for customary and usual treatment, appliances, services, and supplies prescribed or advised by a qualified physician for that situation which is likely to cure, provide relief or decrease the degree or period of that situation.

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