Taking Care of Your Hands inside and Out

Your hands are essential. They allow you to communicate, grip, wave, type, and more. You use your hands constantly throughout the day and they deserve a little TLC. Here are ways you can take care of your hands and your wrists inside and out.

Taking Care of the outside of Your Hands

The first way you can take care of the outside of your hands is to wash them properly. You should wash your hands several times throughout the day and especially after using the bathroom. Use a gentle non-drying soap and warm (not hot) water.

You should wear rubber gloves when working with any harsh chemicals and when doing dishes to protect your skin. Moisturize often, and use a lotion with SPF if you plan to be in the sun. Nail polish can weaken and discolor nails so be sure to take breaks in between manicures to let your nails “breathe”. If getting a manicure is a must, just ask for a no-polish manicure instead.

Taking Care of the inside of Your Hands

Beauty is only skin deep, and your hand care shouldn’t be. Taking care of the inside of your hands is just as important as taking care of the outside. You should wear gloves in the winter to protect the delicate joints from the cold, and do finger and hand stretches after repetitive motions like knitting or typing.

Rashes and eczema that manifest on the skin could be the result of stress. So practice self-care and keep your stress levels low. Eating a diet rich in Vitamin C and drinking plenty of water helps keep your hands healthy inside and out. Avoid smoking cigarettes, they can cause the skin of the hands to appear older, more wrinkled, and yellow the fingernails.

Overall Wrist and Hand Health

If you are experiencing any hand pain or movement issues you should consult hand surgery specialists in Atlanta, GA. Leaving an injury to fester will only make it worse, and since your hands are so essential for so many daily functions, you will want to have your health concerns assessed earlier than later. Hopefully if you take good care of your hands you won’t have to visit hand surgery specialists Atlanta, GA. Get into a habit of practicing finger and wrist stretches while at your desk, and giving your hands a gentle massage twice a week or so.    

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