Unique Prostate Cancer Treatment Reduces Risk and Side Effects

Prostate cancer is a potential fear for men worldwide. Just as breast cancer remains in the back of women’s minds, prostate cancer is something about which men worry. Nobody wants cancer, but unfortunately, many people get it. Fortunately, prostate cancer laser treatment is a viable and less-invasive treatment option in many cases. Keep reading to learn more about this innovative prostate cancer treatment.

Some Concerning Statistics

Cancer is unique in that it can affect different parts of the body. One type of cancer can be more common than other types, and prostate cancer is a common type. In fact, after a man reaches a certain age, he will be tested regularly to ensure his prostate gland remains healthy, just as a woman goes through annual breast examinations. Blood work is also conducted on a regular basis to ensure that the prostate-specific antigen, or PSA, remains at normal levels.

The reason why this is done is that on average, over 160,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer annually. A person’s risk depends on many factors, including age, family history and race. Those at higher risk of getting this disease include men over 55 years old and African-American men, where the risk for developing the disease affects one in five men, as opposed to one in seven men of other races. Thankfully, prostate cancer laser treatment can help.

Laser Surgery for This Cancer Type

In some cases, laser surgery is very effective for many cancer types, and prostate cancer is one of those types. There have been numerous studies confirming the effectiveness of this treatment, and the outlook for many men after surgery is quite good. Those undergoing this therapy take photosensitive drugs prior to treatment, which when combined with the laser beam kill the prostate cancer cells and any nearby cells at risk for cancer spread.

The primary benefit of this therapy is fewer side effects. If caught early enough, laser treatment might replace the need for intensive chemotherapy and/or radiation, both of which come with horrible side effects for cancer patients. It’s bad enough a patient must face this terrible disease; side effects from the treatment oftentimes make things worse. The one thing all cancer patients must do to beat the disease is keep their spirits up, and fewer side effects help them do that.

In addition, laser treatment is more precise than radiation therapy, which means healthier cells surrounding the cancerous tissue are more likely to be spared. This, too, prevents harmful side effects, as many healthy cells are destroyed during more invasive and intensive cancer treatments. In many cases, a man will not lose his entire prostate gland through this therapy, whereas treatment that is more traditional will remove the entire gland.

A study in United Kingdom found that men who had been treated with laser therapy remained cancer-free one year after their initial treatment. This is good news for men who have been diagnosed with this frightening condition. Laser therapy helped men recover from common issues, such as urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction, more quickly than men who opted to have their prostate gland removed. If you have been diagnosed with prostate trouble, look into prostate cancer laser treatment today.

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