Valuable Reasons to Consider Home Birth Option

Some women are still seen giving birth to their baby at the birth center or at home. They were termed as ‘hippy’ women in the past. These women did not take benefits of modern medicine and technology. Millennial generation think whether it is safe or not. What if things get complicated? Why would someone desire to do it? Since epidural exists, why not make use of it?

Before you decide know more about the home birth process. Actually, home birth is best to those who desire to feel involved with birth experience. Your GYN/OB will warn you against homebirth if you suffer from chronic hypertension, diabetes, seizure disorder or some severe medical condition. Pregnant women with previous C-section or preeclampsia or with twins or baby in breech position may find home birth an unsuitable option. For healthy women with a well-developing baby will be actually encouraged to opt for home birth.

Reasons to consider home birth option

Home is heaven

Your home, your bed, or your couch feels really good, when you don’t feel well. Just imagine, when in labor, you will feel better at home and body also responds well. You are not confined into small space. There is no need to share your home, in this most vulnerable time. You can enjoy the following benefits with mother to mother midwifery services.

  • No need to drive but comfortably get through each contraction anywhere in your home.
  • Unlike hospital, no strange scrub techs, doctors, nurses or residents walking in or out.
  • No need to wear hospital gowns, wondering who wore it before you.
  • Control home environment like have full or dim or candle lights, play music, use aromatherapy.
  • Try any labor position and not be constrained to certain area or bed.
  • No need for an ID bracelet for your baby and even you.
  • Easy guest parking.
  • No paperwork.
  • You can encapsulate your placenta.
  • No one will come barging in to take your vital after every 30 minutes.

Less intervention risks

Home birth significantly decreases the obstetric intervention risk like vacuum extraction, forceps, epidural, C-section, and episiotomy. It is believed that majority of interventions occur primarily due to time and requirement to speed delivery process. Letting labor and birth to progress naturally, hospital forces process to quicken. It helps to synch with doctor’s schedule and the room can admit another laboring women. It all turns to be money controlling process, so as to limit litigation chances and escalate their income.

Alternatively, home births are connected with low maternal infection and interventions. Even IV is regarded as an intervention, which midwives never approve until it is most necessary [there is no other way].

Entire pregnancy care

Home birth means you get connected with same midwife all through the pregnancy months. You have a full hour appointment every month. You actually bond with the midwife and get to learn about the pregnancy and birth process. By the time baby is about to be born, you get close and are no longer strangers.

Less costly

It is relatively lower than hospital birth. You can even get one who accepts insurance coverage. Thus, you save significantly, which can be used for purchasing baby necessities.

Home birth allows women to bounce back quickly after delivery because of more intimate care from family, friends, and midwife.

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