How Waxing Differs from Intensive Pulse Light (IPL)

Hair growth on the human body is one of the most sensitive topics to discuss. Most people would always want to choose what they have and what they don’t have. Nowadays, most women will tell you that unwanted hair has become a very common issue all over the region. No wonder discussions on the various hair removal techniques are so common in the beauty industry.

Having unwanted hair on the body can lead to self-esteem and distress. There are several methods of removing this unwanted hair and they can either be temporary or permanent. Waxing is a temporary approach to the removal of unwanted hair whereas Intense Pulse Light is a permanenttechnique. Understanding the difference between these two approaches will help you to make an informed decision on the best approach to use in your situation.

IPL or Intense Pulse Light removes the unwanted hair very quickly leaving you pain-free experience. The process also delivers long-lasting results and you can apply the procedure on any part of the body. Intense Pulse lighting is non-invasive and very fast. The procedure is quite affordable and this makes it appealing to the crowds. IPL involves directly applying intense light energy on the hair follicles which kills them to prevent growth of hair. These intense light pulses will penetrate into the skin directly and hence you don’t need to allow the hair to grow out first before you perform this treatment. The procedure is safe and there is no cause of alarm. This treatment does not cause any carcinogenic risk as it does not involve the use of UV light. It does not also have any adverse side effects. The energy that IPL emits comes at different wavelength and the professionals adjust it depending on your skin type and the hair removal region. This helps in minimizing any form of irritation or discomfort.

On the other hand, waxing is the easiest and fastest way of removing unwanted hair from your body. It involves pulling out the unwanted hair from its roots. The challenge with waxing is that it comes with some level of pain. You need to allow the hair to grow to a particular height before you can wax it in a comfortable manner. Waxing can also lead to some form of irritation or discomfort. You can reduce any discomfort by waxing from a professional center like http://www.waxcenter.com/ma-shrewsbury-white-city. Waxing allows you to work on a large area within a short period in comparison to IPL. Apart from doing waxing professionally in the salon, we have people who prefer to do it from the comfort of their homes. However, you need to be keen so as not to mess with the skin. You can maintain a hair-free skin between three to eight weeks after waxing.

You can choose between waxing and IPL depending on your level of tolerance to pain, budget, and the desire to have temporary or permanent results. The most important thing is to lead a hair free lifestyle at the end of the day. IPL is recommended if you are dealing with sensitive hair removal. However, waxing works well for regions that have a large surface of hair.

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