Ways Trauma Counselling Can Effectively Heal Your Deep Wounds

Trauma is a type of injury or wound that impacts the emotional or physical state of a person. Depending on its severity, a person can experience it in varying degrees. Some types of trauma can get healed by general medical intervention while others may require extensive emergency care.  Trauma can be classified under two categories, psychological or physical. Trauma counseling is one of the proven and effective ways to deal with it.

Types of trauma

Physical trauma

This trauma can lead to actual physical injury to a person. Constant medical supervision and care can help in complete recovery of a person.

Psychological trauma

Psychological type of trauma is classified into two categories. One is classic trauma, where a person suffers from a serious physical injury. The 2nd kind of trauma is complex trauma. In this trauma, many smaller disturbing incidents happen over a prolonged period which makes a person view the world with fear and stress.

One of the best examples of this type, is verbal abuse that can have result in long lasting damage to the self-esteem of a person.  Repeated pattern of such incidents can dramatically modify safety of an individual in the world. This type of trauma is also called as an interpersonal trauma.

These incidences lead to physical alterations within the victim. These alterations cannot be seen to the naked eye of a person. Harsh experiences modify the functionality and structure of the brain.  For some time, your brain can adapt to it. But when it continues for a longer duration, then it results into long-term damage. Thus, complex trauma causes a maladaptive physical alteration within the body of the victim.

What can be the consequences of trauma?

Trauma is a deep psychological wound that impacts the day to day functioning and emotional well-being of the victim. Lack of concentration, loss of decision-making ability, confusion, depression, numbness, and anxiety are some of the results of a traumatic incident. These symptoms can persist for a few weeks, months, or years depending on the severity of the event. Traumatic circumstances cause loss of valuable resources such as time, energy and money.

What is the remedy to deal with trauma victims?

The mental and emotional wounds that the trauma causes to a person are hard to heal without medical intervention.  When choosing a psychologist, ensure that he has undergone specialized training which will help in optimizing performance and well-being of the victim.

Cincinnati is one of the best places to perform therapeutic procedures. Therapy Cincinnati offers specialized recovery treatments based on advanced therapies and technologies, to patients suffering from different types of trauma. All the doctors, therapists and psychologists at this center are well qualified, certified and experienced in successfully dealing with large number of cases.


As physical traumas can be easily seen, they receive more attention and care than emotional traumas. Whether trauma is intangible, poorly understood and invisible, assistance of an experienced psychologist is capable of identifying and healing all types of trauma efficiently.

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