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Weight Loss with Personal Trainer Food

Losing weight is an ongoing battle that does not necessarily stop when the goal weight is achieved. More often than not, a weight loss journey continues and morphs into a weight maintenance journey. Many people believe that exercise is the key to losing weight, but in reality a sedentary lifestyle is not the worst enemy of someone that is overweight. More often than not, their diet is the largest barrier preventing them from reaching their weight loss goals. People in this position may want to consider weigh loss meal delivery programs like those offered by Personal Trainer Food.

How Does it Work?

First, healthy food is ordered through their website and the person must get rid of the unhealthy food they keep in their environment including their home and workplace. Plus, every order with Personal Trainer Food comes with free shipping! Second, the person must make several good habits linked to their health. In addition to eating the food according to their plan, they will also be given simple daily tasks to fulfill. Maintaining this simple plan is harder than it seems, but sticking with it will lead to weight loss results. Personal Trainer Food states that customers should see results within the first month including energy boosts, weight loss and size reduction.

Food and Plans

The Personal Trainer Food menu posted on their website has a picture of each of the food items they offer along with nutritional facts, ingredients and customer reviews. The menu is split into breakfast, entrees, vegetables and snacks. Personal Trainer Food offers three main weight loss meal delivery programs on their website. The first program, REV!, is “extreme fat-burning and accelerated weight loss plan.” Not only does this plan come with prepared meals, but it also offers extra support in addition to a few extra goodies for the customer. The support included with this plan includes daily emails, weekly phone calls and coaching from a Personal Trainer Food expert. It also includes a water bottle, tape measure and lunch kit. The Core plan focuses on lunch and dinner and gives the customer the option of adding breakfast and snacks. This plan also includes daily emails and coaching. Finally, customers have the option to choose their own plan and meal options, allowing them to be in complete control of the meals that they eat. These plans start at as little as $12 a day.

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