What is Graphene?

Graphene may not be something you are familiar with. It is a fairly newly discovered form of carbon. It has many possible uses, which are being studied and worked with as we speak. It is an amazing substance that holds a lot of promise. Graphene manufacturing companies are banking on the fact that it continues to soar in popularity and usability.

Its Basic Design

Graphene is a carbon that was discovered in 2004. It has flat lying atoms made of hexagonal rings of carbon. It looks like a honeycomb. It is known for being very thin. It is directly related to the graphite used for pencil lead. One of the challenges graphene manufacturing companies face is trying to make large amounts because small scale production is fairly easy, but extracting a lot is more complex.

How Its Used

Graphene can be used in a variety of ways. It is being developed for use in electron components because it has good electron-carrying properties. It also can be an important aspect of an energy-saving system because of its low-resistivity. It’s good at conducting electricity, which makes it ideal for such uses.

It also serves as a replacement for many materials that have been overused. For example, it can be used to replace silicon is some situations to help create faster transistors. This use could create better electronics and allow advancements in technology to go much further.

Due to its light weight, it may also start to replace metals in some situations, such as airplane construction. It is also inexpensive, which could make it a replacement for materials used in solar panels to make them more affordable. It is being used widely in development within telecommunications by top cell phone companies to create better devices.

Graphene manufacturers may soon have a hard time keeping up with demand if graphene takes off as expected. It is projected to really start being introduced in many different fields as an alternative to materials being used now. It seems to offer many potential benefits and advantages over current materials.

Graphene manufacturing companies are constantly being asked to produce more because this material does have so much potential. It is taking over in many ways. However, because it is such a new discovery, all the kinks are not quite worked out. It is very much still in the discovery stage where it is being explored and developed further. The hope is that soon research pays off and it can begin to be used in many capacities.

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